Introducing the nominatim geocoding package

In the never-ending battle for truth, justice and publishing more R packages than [Oliver](, I whipped out an R package for the [OpenStreetMap Nominatim API]( It actually hits the [MapQuest Nominatim Servers]( for most of the calls, but the functionality is the same. The R package lets you: – `address_lookup`: Lookup the address of one… Continue reading

Making Static/Interactive Voronoi Map Layers In ggplot/leaflet

Despite having shown various ways to overcome D3 cartographic envy, there are always more examples that can cause the green monster to rear it’s ugly head. Take the Voronoi Arc Map example. For those in need of a primer, a Voronoi tesslation/diagram is: …a partitioning of a plane into regions based on distance to points… Continue reading

A Path Towards Easier Map Projection Machinations with ggplot2

The $DAYJOB doesn’t afford much opportunity to work with cartographic datasets, but I really like maps and tinker with shapefiles and geo-data when I can, plus answer a ton of geo-questions on StackOverflow. R makes it easy—one might even say too easy—to work with maps. All it takes to make a map of the continental… Continue reading

Using the new ‘viridis’ colormap in R (thanks to Simon Garnier)

Nathaniel Smith and Stéfan van der Walt presented a new colormap (for Python) at SciPy 2015 called viridis. From the authors: The default colourmap in Matplotlib is the colourful rainbow-map called Jet, which is deficient in many ways: small changes in the data sometimes produce large perceptual differences and vice-versa; its lightness gradient is non-monotonic;… Continue reading

Faceted “World Population by Income” Choropleths in ggplot

Poynter did a nice interactive piece on world population by income (i.e. “How Many Live on How Much, and Where”). I’m always on the lookout for optimized shapefiles and clean data (I’m teaching a data science certificate program starting this Fall) and the speed of the site load and the easy availability of the data… Continue reading

Animated US Hexbin Map of the Avian Flu Outbreak

The recent announcement of the [start of egg rationing in the U.S.]( made me curious enough about the avian flu outbreak to try to dig into the numbers a bit. I finally stumbled upon a [USDA site](!ut/p/a1/lVPBkqIwEP2WOexpCxMBAY-oo6Kybo01q3JJNSGB1GCgSNTi7zcwe3CnZnQ3h1Sl-3X369cdlKADSiRcRA5aVBLK7p14ZLVd2sMJtqPFbvyMox-_5nGw8Z3t0jWAowHgL06I_47friOvi3_Bk-VsiHcO2qMEJVTqWhfoCHUhFKGV1ExqUoq0gab9hhWQ6twQXtGz6l8gxQlKUjAodXFryYRioBgRklfNqW_i3X0RIG_xGdOMdm5F0pYoDZqZ1FQTEKQGKrighJftFdqOX01Fho7c9iiAzS3HG6WWm2HbSnmAzYXxyA3AG1L-R487Df-TntNFuHT9jVHQDWwczUywP44xjrxH8b2eDzL0gHsj-1Bk8TwxReabn_56ZeP1CB0NSf9LFmMX7f5TtdXDtmYoib9z5YadQnYTT-PcVABdWN2s0eHuDry7b3agN3y2A-jw6Q4YfnlZpeZD7Ke3REKZOoEh0jDOGtYMikppdLher4OzymCQVxdUn15PgdMK6-0lwM7obR9ayTx_evoNPxBrVg!!/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/APHIS_Content_Library/SA_Our_Focus/SA_Animal_Health/SA_Animal_Disease_Information/SA_Avian_Health/SA_Detections_by_States/) that had an embedded HTML table of flock outbreak statistics by state, county and date (also flock type… Continue reading

U.S. Drought Monitoring With Hexbin State Maps in R

On the news, today, of the early stages of drought hitting the U.S. northeast states I decided to springboard off of yesterday’s post and show a more practical use of hexbin state maps than the built-in (and still purpose unknown to me) “bees” data. The U.S. Drought Monitor site supplies more than just a pretty… Continue reading

Simple Lower US 48 Albers Maps & Local (no-API) City/State Geocoding in R

I’ve been seeing an uptick in static US “lower 48” maps with “meh” projections this year, possibly caused by a flood of new folks resolving to learn R but using pretty old documentation or tutorials. I’ve also been seeing an uptick in folks needing to geocode US city/state to lat/lon. I thought I’d tackle both… Continue reading