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Back in 2016, I did a post on {ggplot2} text annotations because it was a tad more challenging to do some of the things in that post back in the day.

Since I’ve been moving back and forth between R and Observable (and JavaScript in general), I decided to recreate that post in OJS Plot, as it is also somewhat challenging to use this nascent new plot player in town.

Getting Observable embeds right in a theme that supports both dark/light mode is kind of a pain (either that or I’m just lazy), and I already have enough holes in this site’s content security policy (and, I’d have to poke more holes to get fonts working “properly”); so, you can visit the link to see the crisp SVG version and suffer the PNG below to see that Plot is a very capable companion to {ggplot2}.

Speaking of {ggplot2}, Daily Drop subscribers were given some homework (happens every Friday) that involved working in Observable Plot. The catch was that said work was to recreate {ggplot2} geom_ examples in the R manual pages for {ggplot2}.

You can check out that post, go to a hosted version of the starter “Rosetta Stone” set of examples I provided, poke at the Observable notebook version, or head over to GitHub where the online play ground source lives, along with a Quarto document with all the examples.

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