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Bob Rudis is a cybersecurity researcher and R afficionado presently thwartng cyber evildoers as [Master] Chief Data Scientist at Rapid7. He was formerly a Security Data Scientist & Managing Principal at Verizon, overseeing the team that produces the annual Data Breach Investigations Report. Bob is a serial tweeter (https://twitter.com/hrbrmstr), avid blogger (https://rud.is/b), author (Data-Driven Security — [http://amzn.to/2CKvrqX]), Stack Overflow contributor (https://stackoverflow.com/users/1457051/hrbrmstr), speaker, and regular contributor to the open source community (https://github.com/hrbrmstr). He is the author of several packages on CRAN including ggalt, hrbrthemes, waffle, statebins.

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Paul Campbell studied economics at the University of St Andrews and now works as a research analyst and R programmer at London based consultancy Culture of Insight. You can follow his ramblings about the wonders of R, shiny and data visualization on the company blog (https://cultureofinsight.com/blog) and find him sporadically tweeting about music and golf (as well as R) here https://twitter.com/paulcampbell91. He would like to thank Bob Rudis for the opportunity to contribute to this great resource.

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