WEIS 2011 :: Keynote :: Dr Christopher Greer

Dr Greer [cgreer at ostp.eop.gov] is Assistant Director, Information Technology R&D, Office of Science & Technology Policy, The White House Opening: “The expertise of the attendees is greatly needed.” He provided a broad overview of the goals & initiatives of the federal government as they relate to domestic & international cybersecurity. Greer went through the… Continue reading

Metricon: Automated Incident Reporting

Speaker: Juhaniu Eronen “The Autoreporter Project” – Background Goal: make finland mostly harmless to the rest of the internet (that’s actually in the law – Protection of Privacy in Electronic Comms/Finland)   /me: I’ll need to put some verbiage around this tonight to give you a good picture of what Juhaniu was conveying…really good description… Continue reading