Getting Into the Rhythm of Chart Typography with {ragg} and {hrbragg} (a.k.a. It’s {ragg}-time}

Horrible puns aside, hopefully everyone saw the news, earlier this week, from @thomasp85 on the evolution of modern typographic capabilities in the R ecosystem. Thomas (and some cohorts) has been working on {systemfonts}, {ragg}, and {textshaping} for quite a while now, and the — shall we say tidyglyphs ecosystem — is super-ready for prime time…. Continue reading

Newest Font Obsession: Lato

I tend to obsess over fonts and the latest obsession is Lato. It was created over three years ago by Łukasz Dziedzic but I only discovered it recently when searching for something to use with my Live Maine Power Outages visualization. The Lato main site provides desktop fonts and web fonts, but it’s also available… Continue reading