Democracy 2024: 21 Million Americans

Just in case anyone thinks things are just “going to be OK” in the U.S.:

  • 21 million Americans believe the Biden presidency is illegitimate and that force is justified to restore Trump to power.
  • 15 million come from non-rural areas of America and believe in the “Great Replacement”.
  • 10 million are QAnon-believers or QAnon-adjacent and believe the End Times are imminent.
  • 8 million own firearms.
  • 6 million support the Oath Keepers/Proud Boys.
  • 4 million have prior military service.
  • 2 million are active protestors.
  • 1 million are either in a militia or know someone who is.

This isn’t “over” by a long shot, and none of us have the luxury of hanging around on the sidelines smoking hopium. We have one, major political party actively fueling this fire, and they will stop at nothing to regain power.

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