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UPDATE – 2011-02-26: Alphonso has posted his slides and BeeWise is open!

Speaker: Alfonso De Gregorio

How do we build a future in software security?


/me: the slides that will be posted have a ton of detail that Alfonso sped through. you’ll get a very good feel from them


Metrics are the servants of risk management and RM is about making decisions

we have incomplete information about # & severity of vulns

software products are highly defective and have no accountability


Bugs & Carrots

discussion around what software vendors are incented to do/why

features > security

bug fix > vuln fix

time to market > test/verify



(Markets & Metrics)

we need to put a cost on the software flaws with laws/regs & change in liability models

create feedback mechanisms (/me: open group work on security architecture?)


investment metrics to-date have challenges, especially in severity and probability of events

market-based metrics would provide a different context (e.g. stock market pricing)

create an infosec security market?

  • bug challenges
  • auctions
  • vuln brokers
  • infosec insurance
  • exploit derivatives


info function / incentive function / risk balancing function efficiency – all factors in creating a vulnerability market

/me: make a table with bullets above as rows and factors list as columns to do a comparison

suggests an Exploit Derivatives market (future’s contracts for vulns)

[side-talk: discussion about derviatives vs future and how the profit incentives may be conflicting]

[side-talk: why will make software companies pay attention to what seems to be a market that only makes speculators rich?]

[side-talk: is this legal? can we get this baked into contracts?]

[side-talk: degraded convo down to responsibility of software companies]

[side-talk: interesting analogy to the airline industry needing to be in the oil futures market to software companies needing to be in this potential vuln/exploit market]

another example is weather derivatives


cites two examples of how prediction markets can incent change

cites  and a FIFA predction market