“Fibonacci” Graphing

Benchmarking/profiling is one of the fundamental practices for tech folk and Feng Shen’s recent post to Hacker News continues this fine tradition with a look at startup & run times for “fibonacci(40)” in seven computer languages (two ‘C’ variants, Clojure, go, python, node & Java). Good, quick project, but I didn’t think the chart he… Continue reading

2012 WhiteHat Security Website Security Statistics Report Redux

This is an inaugural post for @MetricsHulk, on the condition that there are few – if any – “ALL CAPS” bits. Q3&4 tend to be “report season”, and @MetricsHulk usually has some critiques, praises, opines and suggestions (some smashes, too) to offer as we are inundated with a blitz of infographics. The always #spiffy @WhiteHatSec released their… Continue reading