Chrome's Sociopath-Fueled Privacy Sandbox Checkup

NOTE: This only works in Chrome browsers though it should report accurately in all browsers.

Read more about this here, where you can also find out more information on how to disable all this new sociopathic tracking.

It seems Vivaldi is pushing back hard, on this privacy invasion. I used to use Vivaldi as my daily driver before Arc came out, and will 100% switch back to it if Arc gives in to Google.

Checking document.featurePolicy.features() for settings designed by sociopaths…

(None of these should be enabled.)

Extra check to check if Shared Storage is enabled:

Consider opening up Developer Tools every now and again when you visit a site (especially stores or ones with ads) and running these function calls to triple-check whether you've been pwnd by Google's sociopaths or not (you're 'safe' if they all come back false):