This is what happens when you carelessly tweet things like this: @hrbrmstr is there an R package? ;)

— Thorsten G. (@SaThaRiel74) January 8, 2016

It turns out this is a pretty decent data munging and ggplot2 wrangling exercise. If you web-inspect the Bloomberg page (if it’s not obvious I’ve fair-used some of their styles & images and their data) you’ll find they use a few CSVs. I grabbed them and put them into a data folder and wrapped the reading of them into functions. If this were a “real” package I’d’ve put them in R data files.

I didn’t cheat and use widgets or a separate HTML+SVG combo this time. Everything is ggplot2. That also puts limitations (yes, ggplot2 has limits) on what we can do. So I’ve ggplot2-ized the emulated visualizations, starting with “Good vs. Evil”. There are some neat tricks here to get space for the “Light | Episode | Dark” label line and a custom label function to convert the time. While I could have spent time allowing for a space in the middle, it was easier to just put the episode numbers at 0 (and it looks kinda cool IMO).