MOAB Devastation Simulator

This was created on Thursday, April 13, 2017. The United States dropped a MOAB, ostensibly on an ISIS camp in Afghanistan.

The bomb hit in a part of the world that is foreign to most people; especially most people in the West.

News reports talked about the "largest non-nuclear bomb" and a "1-mile blast radius" but it still happened in some foreign, removed, remote location that has no connection to everyday life.

We say we did recon to ensure no innocents or allies were in the zone, but this is a devastating bomb and it has many zones of destruction.

This small app shows you what the area of devastation would be in your backyard. That's important, since this blast happened in someone else's backyard. And, my faith in the U.S. Military Industrial Complex to prevent innocent loss of life is non-existent anymore.

The page likely automatically geo-located you from your IP address (if it did not, it picked another starting location). If it did, that process if fraught with error, so feel free to adjust it with your own (or any) latitude and longitude to see how much of your own backyard would have been gone if an international aggressor had decided to take unilateral action against us by hitting your town.

Location: Estimated death toll: