Rforecastio 1.2.0 Bug-fix Update

Not even going to put an R category on this since I don’t want to pollute R-bloggers with this tiny post, but I had to provide the option to let folks specify ssl.verifypeer=FALSE (so I made it a generic option to pass in any CURL parameters) and I had a couple gaping bugs that I […]

Rforecastio Package Update (1.1.0)

I’ve bumped up the version number of Rforecastio (github) to 1.1.0. The new features are: removing the SSL certificate bypass check (it doesn’t need it anymore) using plyr for easier conversion of JSON->data frame adding in a new daily forecast data frame roxygen2 inline documentation library(Rforecastio) library(ggplot2) library(plyr)   # NEVER put API keys in […]